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Emrg+N+See 2009 :: West Coast Arts + Music Gathering ||



Emrg+N+See is full-steam-ahead for the 2009 event! We’re elated to return to the same venue for the 3rd year in a row, packing a lineup that is unparalleled anywhere, and backed by an incredible crew of returning and new high-energy staff and volunteers. Check out the “stimulating” ticket deals, and get your tickets before they sell out!


09 Music Schedule Times!


Without further ado, here’s the schedule of all sound, light, and workshops. Random occurrences of intergalactic fun and space time ripples are totally up to you. These times will be placed all over the farm, so no need to print. But go for it if you wish. AND, tell all your peeps that the major stages are powered by KV2 Turbo Soundsystems. Basically this means big BIG WHOMP!

See it all here

Groove Bomb Pick Up Time 7/17

Want to party EMRG+N+SEE style all the way from Portland and back the minute you step out your door? If so, then we have a mighty package for you! Rise the bus —The Groove Bomb bus that is!

It’s official. The Groovebomb will be meeting at 5pm on Friday the 17th and departing for the event PROMPTLY at 6:30pm. Meets in inner SE portland; your departure details and location will be provided in your confirmation email. For reservations inquiry: contact

If you haven’t yet experienced a trip on the Groove Bomb, now’s the time! In support of our ridesharing & sustainability initiatives, Portland’s finest mobile-party transport has partnered up with us to provide you with direct (and stylish) transport to and from the festival. The bus is outfitted with ample racks to haul all your gear, as well as an Emrg+N+See-approved sound system, “hospitality”, and some of the finest chauffeurs to ever grace the American roadways.

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Single-Day Tickets


Single-Day Tickets will be available for $55.00

ONLY available at Event Gates(no presale) from 10am-6pm SUNDAY, the Single-Day ticket grants full access to all Emrg+N+See activities until end-of-event Monday morning. IMPORTANT NOTES:

  • You will have to park in external parking areas: NO VEHICLE ACCESS inside event for Single-Day Tickets.
  • Camping IS NOT ALLOWED; If you choose to stay the night, plan to be self-sufficient, and be advised: all camping areas will be full, and no persons shall be admitted with camping equipment on Sunday.
  • Please respect your physical limits: If you rally for “dawn patrol,” please remember that hundreds of people die every year AFTER festivals by falling asleep at the wheel. Come to Emrg+N+See…but don’t become one!!!

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Headliner: Sean Hayes


Excerpt from Seattle’s The Stranger: Hayes’s music—mostly acoustic, often accompanied by accordion or tuba or oboe or marimba—is loose, dusty, alive. The worn, soulful twang of Hayes’s voice is the byproduct of his North Carolina upbringing; the eclectic, kitchen-sink instrumentation is the fruit of friendships with a huge variety of Bay Area musicians. “I’m not really good with accessories,” he says. “That’s why acoustic guitar has always been good.”

Big Black Hole and the Little Baby Star would be front-porch music—if your front porch overlooked a paisley-printed carnival parade. Hayes’s most recent record, this year’s Flowering Spade, is stripped down, Hayes’s weathered voice a confidential rasp, the songwriting skeletal and haunting. Where Big Black Hole has a jaunty sense of humor—tubas are funny, first of all, as is Hayes’s random swearing in otherwise low-key songs—Flowering Spade is confessional.

Learn more at Sean Hayes website

Workshop: Psyche Sonics


Psyche Sonics operates in a modular, geodesic yurt. The yurt is equipped with radial headphones, hi-fidelity speakers, photic stimulation, and consciousness measuring technology.

Participants get comfortable, apply headphones and are exposed to brainwave altering audio-visual beat frequencies. As a group, participants entrain to the same brainwave frequency thereby synchronizing at least one aspect of consciousness.

Through practice and experimentation with different beat frequencies, soundscapes, light color, and intention, we aim to achieve unity consciousness.

Learn more about Psyche Sonics

Live Artist: Ryan Johnson


Master of the digital stylus, Ryan Johnson specializes in immortalizing the world around him as it happens. He offers the gift of inspiration as he peers through the great visionary lens, and allows the future to pour through his hands. His art peeks into a forgotten past, blended with a future that might be. Never failing to capture the true essence of the moment in epic figures and dramatic tribal imagery. His humble demeanor and willingness to actively contribute have quickly made his work a symbol of the people he loves.

See all of the EMRG+N+SEE Visual Artists

The Oasis


Remember last year at the pond? Well it’s gonna happen again this year: We have a special treat for your hot dancing muscles —a sauna! But not just any sauna —one that has been magically inserted by the Crafters Collective within the gleaming shell of a classic American Airstream trailer.

Get ready to be melted down by soothing heat within “The Oasis” —the wood fired, cedar lined spa on wheels and its ambient chill space. Also, bring your trunks because the sauna will be placed adjacent to a lush swimming hole. This watery retreat got activated big time last year. The upper swimming hole is ready for you. Rumor has it that its gonna be the place to be Sunday afternoon. Be sure to bring a towel!

Learn more at the Oasis Express website

Boomtown Gospel Brunch


“We come bearing ballast for your beleaguered bodies” Come join us for EMRG+N+SEE’s newest tradition, where we bring you endless hits from the golden era of Motown and tasty bits as hosted by Boomtown Productions aka the church of swine and roses. We’ll bring the orange juice, baby. You bring the champagne! Afros and short-shorts encouraged.

During the Sunday’s post-dawn meltdown (in the dome from 7-11am) we shall fry up a ton of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, drop a needle on some soul music, and call in the LOVE with the honeyed vocals of Al Green, Bill Withers, Aretha Franklin and Sam Cooke, along with rarer grooves you’ve never heard but are sure to love, as channeled by the R&B, soul, and gospel stylings of MOZAIK and DJ GLOBAL RUCKUS. This is how we keep the party going for ever and ever, amen!

There’s nowhere we can send you after this

The MarchFourth Marching Band


A welcome last minute addition to this year is the MarchFourth Marching Band: a mobile big band spectacular, consisting of a 12-piece horn section (4 saxophones, 4 trombones, & 4 trumpets), and a 10-piece drum/percussion corps, anchored by electric bass (battery powered). They will be magically appearing throughout the forest and leading you to destinations supreme!

The sound is huge, melodic, and dynamic, taking audiences on a musical journey around the globe. MarchFourth writes and performs its own material, and also draws inspiration from an eclectic range of worldwide influences, such as Eastern European Gypsy Brass, Samba, Funk, Afro-Beat, Big-Band, Jazz, and Rock music, as well as television, film, circus, and Vaudeville.

Learn more at the band’s website

Fundamentals of waving, popping and the robot


PopNTod (Legion of eXtraordinary Dancers) and jubz will be teaching the fundamentals of waving, popping and the robot. Whether you’re a professional dancer, or just learning to walk, these foundational styles will increase your vocabulary of movement and elevate your whole dance.

Waving is the art of using isolation to create the illusion of waves traveling through your body. Popping is the art of using muscle control to visually express music. The Robot is the art of starts and stops, total control and isolation of every joint and muscle of the body. Bringing together such diverse influences as miming, kung-fu, fluid dynamics, animal movements, egyptian hieroglyphics, puppetry, claymation, robotics and that straight funk, these styles unlock the ability to achieve pure union with music through the highest levels of physical expression

See all of this years workshops

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